Kluger Healey, LLC and WilliamH. Connolly & Co. LLC


Sexual Harassment Boot Camp

What Every Employer Must Know And Do

Because The Sexual Harassment Paradigm Has Shifted So
Dramatically, Employers And Managers Are More Likely Than
Ever To Face Allegations Of Sexual Harassment.

For 25 years, Mark Kluger and Bill Healey have conducted lively, interactive,
effective sexual harassment training for employers. In response to overwhelming
public attention and changes in workplace dynamics, they have developed an
even more innovative approach to keeping employers and managers out of

For more than 40 years, Bill Connolly, Jr. has been a well-respected leader in risk
management and trusted advisor on the subject of employment practices liability
to countless employers in a wide-variety of industries.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 — 8:30 to 11:00 am
WHERE: The Manor, 111 Prospect Avenue, West Orange, NJ
REGISTER: sdanzi@klugerhealey.com [Full Breakfast]
or call Sharon at 973-307-0800

This Free, 2 Hour Seminar Will Help Employers And
Managers Understand How Best To Protect Their
Workplace In This New Era Of Sexual Harassment