Employment Law Litigation

We defend businesses and managers against the full range of employment law-related claims before federal and state courts, administrative agencies, and in arbitrations. Our litigators are experienced in defending employee lawsuits from inception through jury trial.u00a0 We also handle class action litigations, appeals, unfair labor practice charges, and enforcement actions by various federal and state agencies. We have successfully defended businesses and managers against every possible claim an employee can assert, including claims of: discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation/whistleblowing, breach of contract, wrongful discharge, defamation and other employment-related torts, and wage and hour violations (including collective/class actions).

Labor Relations

We have extensive experience representing employers with union employees in all facets of labor relations. We are also regularly retained by non-union employers for strategic planning designed to minimize the likelihood of union organizing activity, and have designed and won many successful campaigns on behalf of employers in National Labor Relations Board elections. The full range of our labor relations services include:

Business Litigation

We have enjoyed considerable success at the trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts and in alternative dispute resolutions forums in connection with the disputes that arise and pose risks to businesses. Our record of success covers a broad range of commercial disputes, including:

Workplace Investigations

We investigate allegations of workplace misconduct.u00a0 This can include allegations that an employee, board member, customer, independent contractor, client, or another third party has engaged in some illegal activity, such as harassing or discriminating against an employee on the basis of race, sex, or age.u00a0 Investigations can also be necessary in response to whistleblowing activity, potential conflicts of interest, and suspected fiduciary duty violations and instances of employee fraud or theft.


We offer training solutions for managers and employees on a broad range of employment law topics, such as:
We have trained thousands of private and public sector supervisors and employees on these and other areas of employment law.u00a0 Our clients have experienced how a relatively small investment in training can reduce the likelihood of litigation and, in the event of a claim, put them in a far better defensive position.